Residential Construction Financing Programs

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The future of home energy efficiency is here today through Efficient Energy Solutions, Inc.! With our wide range of helpful programs for homeowners, you can save more on your home improvement installations, projects, and utility bills without ever sacrificing quality or performance.

Participating homes are almost guaranteed to realize reduced energy consumption (especially during extreme weather months), as well as increased home value within the first years of the switch! What is more, partnering with Efficient Energy Solutions is ideal for the further preservation of the environment for future generations, and the reduction of our overall carbon footprint at large.

With Efficient Energy Solutions, everyone wins!

How Our Programs Work

Our financing programs offer existing residential homeowners options to fit their planned development and replacement needs, while also offering the latest efficiency technologies in your home. You’ll receive the highest in-home efficiency from pre-screened and approved partners, and watch as the benefits begin to materialize almost immediately!

Partner Programs

Our approved affordable partners include:

Property Accessed Clean Energy Programs:

  • California First Renew Financial
  • EnerBank USA
  • FIGTREE Energy Financing
  • Foundation Finance
  • HERO
  • PACE
  • mPower PLACER
  • Service Finance
  • Ygrene ENERGY FUND

Consumer Financing

  • CAL First
  • Enerbank
  • Energy Bank Financing
  • Foundation Finance
  • Green Sky
  • Medallion Bank
  • Service Finance
  • Synchrony Bank

PACE Financing

Efficient Energy Solutions is also proud to be a prescreened, authorized, and approved partner with several programs that offer PACE financing in various cities throughout Sacramento and Northern California.

For more information concerning our astounding financing options, or to schedule your FREE home improvement estimate with us, please call Efficient Energy Solutions at 916-804-2243.